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We are satisfied when our consultants can stimulate learning and draw out the resources of individuals and teams around us as well as create clarity around the following steps. Innomotive orientates to the practical needs of the market actors. The basis of our work relies on the dialogue and reflections of the partners, trainees and clients and emphasizes the embeddedness in practice. we constantly pay attention to the relevant needs and goals of our clients and aim to positive results to reach and maintain them.

We have three main centers: 1. Training Center, 2. International Center, 3. Youth Center

Our training center


The objective of our training center is to enhance the competitiveness, to encourage continuous development of knowledge and to emphasize the importance of lifelong learning.

We prefer the blended learning trainings where we use our e-learning materials for online learning and combine it with the onsite trainings for acquiring the practical knowledge learnt online.

With our competency-based training courses we aim to help the private sector and the market players to increase and use efficiency and adaptability of their organization through the conscious human resource management tools in a way that supports the implementation of the long-term EU and organization objectives in order to boost growth and jobs. We support individuals with adequate trainings and education for better employability


Some of our training programs are:


  • EU trainings

  • Language courses

  • Human resource management trainings

  • Marketing, economic trainings

  • Business operation trainings

  • Business management trainings

  • Safety and health protection trainings

  • Healthy lifestyle

  • Environment and management trainings

  • Computing and IT courses


Our international center


The goal of the international center is to contribute to the exploitation of knowledge and innovation and to develop the novelty and competitiveness of ICT competencies of enterprises, economic organizations, government agencies and non-governmental organizations with innovative potential.

In line with the European Union’s objectives the center’s aim is to promote the development of modern science, technical and IT training areas in accordance with the Lisbon strategy to redound the promotion of the development of modern sciences, technical and IT training areas, to contribute with modern curricula, training methods development and dissemination to increase the number ratio of the students and graduates for easier occupational location, for easier employment.

Our international center also deals with exploration and generation of innovative programs and projects to strengthen the growth potential of these programs.

Our youth center


Operating under the youth center for young people we provide services to facilitate their development. Activities include non-formal learning opportunities, organizing events, generating and organizing youth projects.

In addition we are at young people’s disposal with training programs, career guidance, mental health, health promotion and career advice, talent development services.

To fulfill this mission the company is in close relationship with local and international educational institutions and community identity organizations.

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